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What to wear?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

No stress friends, I'm here to make this process as pain-free as possible!

My quick tips

1. Be yourselves

2. Avoid fussy clothing

3. Stay in the same 'color family' Example: Pastells, Primary, Neutrals etc.

If you would like to really dive in, keep reading!


Step one

Think about who you are as a family and what kind of photos you want to achieve. Formal, casual, or somewhere in the middle?

Step two

Start thinking about colors. If you will be hanging these photos on your walls look at the decor in your home, do you use a lot of bright colors, muted, pastels, neons?

When thinking of colors you should also consider what time of year it is and where you are having your photos taken.

*If you are doing photos outside is it spring, summer, fall, or winter?

*If you are doing photos in a studio, what color will the backdrop be?

No matter where you are taking photos stick to 2-3 colors and work from there!


Now, there are a million and one different things you could wear. Focus on 2-3colors that suit YOUR family and the location of your photoshoot then go from there! And do your best to stay in the same 'color family' - Primary, neutrals, pastels, etc.

Notice there are solids mixed with patterns, tops are never the same color as each other, neither are the bottoms. Gone are the days of everyone wearing jeans and white tops! Textures, layers, and pattern mixing is the way to go these days!

Also, don't be scared to mix patterns!

Step three

Once you have your clothing chosen add some great accessories to add that extra color and/or give some texture.

NOTE - If you have little kids that you will be picking up I don't suggest wearing a long necklace as it will be hard to keep its shape. Also, avoid something you know your kids will play with and distract them too much.

Bows for hair, scarves, bracelets, headbands, suspenders, and a coat that can come on and off are all great ideas! You could do hats too but I would save those for closer to the end of the session for a few shots as hats can cover faces and cause shadows.

Step four

You have your colors picked out and the vibe you are going for in terms of formal or casual. High fives!

Now it's time to see what you may have in your closet already that may work and then shop for the rest.

Start in your closet. Pull out any pieces of yours or any other family members that may work. Lay it out on the floor to get a really good visual of what it looks like. Take a photo with your phone for reference later on.

*Online shopping is easy, you could always start there. Just be sure that you're not stressing about the delivery date and give yourself lots of time just in case the item doesn't fit, color is off etc.

*If you head to the mall try and find a store that has 'collections' places like Old Navy usually have seasonal collections that make shopping much easier!

Step five

Start this process as soon as you have booked your session. If you're having photos with me, I will be in touch to help start planning right away. Leaving this step to the very end with stress you OUT. No need for that!



- I would suggest choosing Momma's outfit first. Let's be honest if Mom is not feeling amazing then in the photos then the photos you take may never see the light of day lol

- Avoid characters or logos on T-shirts

- Parents, try your tops on prior to your session and pick your kids up wearing them. Are they still fitting properly, are they falling off of you, twisting, etc. Make sure your tops are kid-friendly as much as possible!


I am here to help and if you have any questions let me know!

Also, if you would like to lay the clothing out and send me a photo - I'm happy to give you feedback!

:) LL


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