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Family photography session - Tips

Updated: Apr 27

Educate yourself so you have the best possible photoshoot you can!!


You have the photographer and the clothes. Now, what do you want to be doing in front of the camera?

1. Are you a silly family? Like to goof around, dress up, hang upside down?

2. Are you a loving family who can't cuddle enough?

3. Are you a traditional family with more of a serious demeanor?

4. Candid/lifestlye all the way?

5. Little bit of everything? 

TIP: No matter who you are, be yourselves and let your photographer know what feel you want for your photos. Communication is key to getting the family photos that match your family.

Do your research, find photos online that you like (make a board on Pinterest), and share them with your photographer so they can visualize what kind of photos to take for you. Some photographers may only do one style, Research!