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I sent out a Survey

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

At the beginning of July 2019, I sent out a survey to a lot of families that have had sessions with over the years.

Why? Because I want to get feedback to make sure my services are the best they can be!

The main thing I got back from the survey was that I need to find a way to educate you all more with how I do things. I do have an FAQ section on my website and talk about updates and new ideas in my newsletter and I have a blog full of tips but to find one spot so ALL of you can see it all of the time is almost impossible lol! I will do my best going forward to answer more common questions on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well, but for now, here are some answers to common questions!

Also, THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to take this survey. I REALLLLYYYY appreciate it, and I won't forget it :))

THIS WAS AN ANONYMOUS SURVEY I have no idea who wrote what answer but I appreciate them all!!

Side note: Sometimes kids just cry...and that's ok...and adorable!!