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What to Wear for a Headshot Photography Session Vancouver BC

Researchers have discovered that our fashion choices aren't just about looking good—they're like our personal billboard, broadcasting who we are to the world!

Whether we're strutting our stuff at work or out on the town, what we wear speaks volumes about our identity, smarts, and even our bank account balance. It's like our clothes are shouting, "Hey world, this is me!"

And guess what? It's not just about the office. Even in those snazzy headshots, what you wear is key!

Your wardrobe in those professional pics isn't just about style—it's about crafting your professional persona. After all, most folks will catch a glimpse of your headshot before they meet you in person. So, rock that outfit like it's your runway, because that first impression? It's everything!


Style Tips

Workplace fashion is like a colorful mosaic—every industry adds its own unique flair! Take lawyers and doctors, for example—they're all about that formal and conservative vibe. But hey, if you're in a tech or creative gig, ditching the suit for something more casual might be the way to go!

When you're scratching your head over what to wear, just peek at the bigwigs!

Your boss or another top dog in the field can be your fashion compass. Trust me, mirroring their style will scream confidence without making it seem like you're overdoing it.

So, strut your stuff and rock that work wardrobe with pizzazz!


For Women

Get Ready to Shine! Hey, superstar! Your headshot game starts with top-notch preparation.

  • From catching those Z's the night before to a quick mental reset before you strike a pose, every little detail counts. And let's talk threads—choosing the right outfit is key! Nail it, and you'll be radiating positivity and confidence. But miss the mark, and you might feel like you're in a fashion fiasco.

  • Show Your Style Time to unleash your inner persona! Whether you're aiming for that polished professional vibe or a trendy, laid-back look, it's all about setting the tone. So, before the big day, map out the image you want to project. Are you all about formality and trust, or is it more about letting your creative flag fly?

  • Comfort is Key Picture-perfect style meets total comfort. Your outfit should be a match made in heaven—fitting like a dream and making you feel fabulous. Trust me, ill-fitting clothes are a no-go zone. Too tight, and you're risking a wardrobe malfunction. Too loose, and you'll lose your shape in the shot.

  • Keep It Simple! Let's talk patterns—they're like the noisy neighbor that steals the spotlight. Opt for simplicity, my friend. Your headshot is all about your winning smile, not a fashion statement. Stick to solids that complement your vibe.

  • Color Me Fabulous! Mid-tone hues are your secret weapon—they flatter like nobody's business and pop off the page, even in black and white! Steer clear of the black hole—while it's classic, it might not scream "you." Spice it up with richer, earthy tones like navy or chocolate.

  • Pastels? Well, let's just say they're not your skin's best friend. Stick to colors that make you glow, not disappear.

  • Sleeve It Out! No sleeveless wonders here, please! Bare arms can be a distraction from your glowing face. Plus, nobody wants unexpected armpit appearances stealing the show.

  • The Jacket Dilemma To jacket or not to jacket? That is the question! Mix it up for two distinct looks—jacket on for that power play, or jacket off for a more laid-back vibe.

Don't forget, I am here to help! Reach out to me with any questions and I am more than happy to give you feedback!

  • Layer Up, Stylista! Time to get creative with your threads! Don't shy away from mixing textures and layers. Wrap yourself in a cozy scarf or pashmina for that instant seasonal switch-up. Not only does it add oomph to your neckline, but it also brings a whole new level of dimension to your shot!

  • Hair Flair! Let your locks loose or tie them up—it's your time to shine! I will capture your fabulous self with hair up, hair down, whatever floats your boat. But remember, when it's tied back, let it breathe a bit, avoid the super tight look. And hey, don't forget your trusty hairbrush for those last-minute touch-ups!

  • Makeup Magic! Lights, camera, makeup action! Keep it fresh and natural, folks. Think light as a feather with just enough glam to accentuate those peepers and pout. Oh, and a pro tip: if you're prone to a bit of shine, bring along that translucent powder for a quick fix.

  • Bonus Tip: Got glasses? Rock 'em! They're part of your vibe, after all. But hey, keep 'em squeaky clean—finger smudges won't fly here! And if you usually sport specs but want that au naturel look for the shoot, ditch 'em at least thirty minutes before showtime. No one wants pesky red marks stealing the spotlight!

In a Nutshell... Wear what makes you feel like a million bucks! Confidence is key, and it'll shine through in every snapshot. Get ready to flaunt those fresh pics on your profile or LinkedIn—you'll be the talk of the town!

Stick to these tips, and trust me, you'll be head over heels for your photos!

Pro tip: Plan your outfits ahead of time, so you can hit the shops if needed. Fresh threads? Yes, please!

Head HERE to book your Headshot Photography Session in my Vancouver photo studio or on location!


For Men

  • Let's talk neckties and headshots! Think about your audience—who are you trying to impress? If you're gunning for a management role, consider suiting up with a jacket in your photo. Now, the tie dilemma: it all boils down to what your audience prefers. Lawyers rock ties in court, so if you're in the legal biz, it might be a smart move. And hey, in the financial world or on the East Coast scene, ties often score big points. Some gigs even dig the tie look for their speakers at events. Bottom line? Know your crowd and dress to impress 'em!

  • Let's spice up your wardrobe game! When it comes to combos, think big on colors, but keep patterns in check. Solid shirts with subtle patterned ties? Now that's a winning combo! Light blue, lavender, or grey shirts paired with darker ties? Sharp as a tack! And don't sleep on orange—it's a killer hue that pops with blues, greys, or whites.

  • Have a striped shirt? Match those stripes with a tie pattern of similar width or opt for a solid tie to keep things sleek. As for jackets, think medium grey or blue for maximum impact. Sure, black or navy can work, but they might darken the final pic too much. And lapels and ties? They're like peanut butter and jelly—match 'em up for the perfect combo!

  • Now, for the no-tie crew—rock that executive look sans neckwear! Dive into darker solids or get bold with stripes and checks. Hey, if you're in a creative field, unleash your inner Picasso with some daring patterns and colors. After all, who said business attire had to be boring?

Pro tip: snag a few shots tie-free at the end of your session. You never know when LinkedIn might call for a more relaxed vibe, right?

  • Let's jazz up your jacket game! Ever heard of unstructured jackets? They're the cool cats of the jacket world, giving off that effortlessly chic vibe. Pair 'em up with a shirt that's got a bit of swag—a looser fabric weave adds that extra touch of style.

  • Now, let's talk polo shirts under jackets—nah, not the best look. Those collars just don't play nice. It's like showing up to a fancy dinner in your casual best and getting handed a blazer—doesn't quite hit the mark. But hey, who said you can't rock a tee under your blazer? Just steer clear of basic white and v-necks—boring! Go for something with a bit of pizzazz—think medium tones of grey, blue, or any bold jewel colors. And please, avoid the white tee under an open-collared shirt—it's like a bright beacon stealing the spotlight!

  • Now, if you're flying solo without a jacket, opt for a sharp-collared shirt. It's all about framing that handsome face of yours! So, whether you're suiting up or going solo, rock that headshot with style!

  • Let's spruce up those style tips! When you're flying solo sans jacket, keep it simple—stripes and patterns can steal the show and work better under a jacket's wing.

Here are some extra nuggets of wisdom for your headshot attire:

  1. Sharpen up with freshly-pressed shirts—it screams "I mean business!" Don't let a rumpled shirt ruin your shot—it's not a fix-it-in-post kind of situation.

  2. Say no to tired-looking threads—opt for newer shirts with crisp collars and no frayed edges. Your wardrobe's vibe reflects on you, so keep it fresh!

  3. Collar stays are your best friend—keep those collars crisp and in check.

  4. Test-drive your outfit beforehand—make sure it fits like a glove. No choking collars or baggy shirts allowed!

  5. Match your pants to your jacket for wider shots, or go all out with a suit. And don't forget the finishing touch—a snazzy belt and gleaming shoes!

  6. Glasses on? Keep 'em clean and in tip-top shape. Bring a backup pair if you've got 'em, and wear 'em if they're part of your signature look.

  7. Time for a trim? Hit up the barber a few days before your shoot for that fresh-cut glow. And if you've got a beard, tidy it up for that extra sharpness.

So, shave that stubble, shine those shoes, and rock that headshot with confidence!

8. Pack your bags with three or four killer options for the big shoot. Trust me, it's not just about looking good—it's about nailing that perfect vibe! And hey, if you've got a "favorite" tie that's seen better days, it might be time to bid it adieu.

Pro tip: Plan your outfits ahead of time, so you can hit the shops if needed. Fresh threads? Yes, please!

At the end of the day - be YOU.

Head HERE to book your Headshot Photography Session in my Vancouver photo studio or on location!


I hope that helped!

:) LL

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