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"Sometimes you'll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"

-Dr. Seuss

Brown Leaves

My name is LL your friendly neighborhood family photographer!

(Not to be confused with your friendly

neighborhood Spider-man haha)

Booking and having your photoshoot with me couldn't be easier as I offer: 

* Online bookings

*What to wear and how to prepare tips

*Phone consultation


*Kid wrangling and entertaining

*Detail awareness

(hair, posture, tidy clothing, etc.)

*A boat load of fun




My Portfolio!





and more...


During the shoot, our daughter screamed, cried, pouted, sniffled, raged, and was in every way contrary and difficult. I was sure the shoot was a bust, but later when we were shown the shots, I liked so many of them I found it impossible to narrow my choices down to the allotted five. LL is so great with kids and she’s so good at her job the shots she got make it seem like our daughter was on her best behaviour and enjoyed herself the whole time. "That comes with hiring a professional," said my husband.

- Sadako Tchaikovskaya


My Photography Studio!

Located in the heart of Commercial Drive!


What to expect ? 

 You can expect your experience with me to be like hanging out with a friend.


One that likes to:


*Be super picky with details

*Be creative

*Laugh and make a fool of myself in any way needed to make your kids smile!


My Welcome package is full of tips on how to prepare, what to wear, and more!


Hope to see you soon! 

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