What the heck is 'The Cube'?

Updated: May 10, 2019

The Cube is a mini session I offer where you and your family jam yourselves into a giant cube, I take adorable fund and cozy photos then I make a collage out of your favorite photos!

Love to get all of the snuggles you can out of your kids as often as you can? Then you need to book one of these sessions!

How it works:

The creativity and fun that can be had with The Cube is really limitless! From birthday balloons to puppies anything goes!

I love to use different props and outfits to showcase a single little person and their favorite things!

Documenting holidays like Easter or going starting school, let your imagination run wild!

The Cube is so fun for big kids and little ones too!

Head HERE to book your session

(only available for a short period of time every so often). Why? Because the cube takes up A LOT of room in my studio and it's not feasible to have it up all year!

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Head HERE to see more cube photos!

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