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Sometimes you just need to reschedule!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Sometimes your just having a rough day...and that was the case with adorable Mr. Charlie here when we were at the studio on rainy day early July 2019.

We originally had the session booked a location session about a week and a half prior to this stdio session but OMG it was so so so windy out there was no way it was a good idea to take photos outside. So we rescheduled. Then, on THAT day it was raining!!?? And as it is a lot of work to get kids ready and prep them for photos we decided to take the photos in the studio. But someone wasn't having a good day :(

We were very patient with Charlie of course and tried all of the tricks we could to cheer the poor little dude up but nothing was working. He was a bit under the weather that day and it just is what it is lol

While Charlies momma was trying to comfort him I got some super fun photos of his older brother Walter though but in the end I suggested trying again another day as you don't have professional photos done every day and if your going to do them...let's do them right!

So next week we lucked out and got a perfect day for taking photos at Trout Lake!! Whooot whoot!! Patience paid off and it was all worth it! I just love the photos we got and Mr. Charlie was feeling much better!!

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