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My Brother had a baby!

Updated: May 10, 2019

It's a BOY!!! I have allll girl nieces so I put a request in to my brother to have a boy so I could have my first nephew...high fives Greg, high fives!! And OMG....he is the CUTEST!! Yes I'm totally biased ;)

His name is Owen and this week he is 9 Weeks old...he lives in Calgary and that is much to far away for Aunties likings lol. I guess I will be visiting cow town more often now! Giddy up!

I took these photos on Dec 25th 2018.

It was quite the day.

My parents divorced when I was 5 and my brother was 3. My sister-in-law is Russian and her family lives in Russia.

On Dec 25th this year not only were my husband and I with my brother and his wife and new baby boy, but so were ALL of our parents. My mom, step dad, dad, and my sister-in-laws parents. What a gathering. As with all families, there were some....interesting moments...but overall it was the most amazing time.

I can't imagine when that gathering of people would ever be able to be together again. To say it was special is an understatement.

Own with his Momma, both Grandmas and his Auntie

So, I'm a bit of a baby whisperer and when Owen started to cry, I simply put my hand on his wee head, made my shhhhh 'white noise' sound and well....the photos say it all :)

Sooo grumpy...

Thanks Auntie, I feel better now!

I literally took these two photos back to back within 5 seconds. I think he likes me ;)

So I have this joke where I like to 'eat babies' when they are so cute I can't handle it.

I think it started with my husband and his sister years ago. I can't quite remember - BUT....it was a topic of hilarity on this day hahah!!

Thanks for reading about me and MY family, I love them and all of their crazy.

Until next time, eat babies and be sure to spend some quality time with those you love!

:) LL

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