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Lecky/Ryan Family!

This is my second session with this super fun family but this time I had the pleasure of meeting their adorable daughter Sloan! Oh.the.fun.we.had!!!!

But to be honest, it didn't start that way haha! When they first walked in the door their son Vaughn was being super shy and not impressed and was in a MOOD!! Eekk...for everyone...how is this going to go?

In my head, I thought, Ok, what can I do to get him to warm up to me and to the studio real real fast as we need to start taking photos soon to keep on track with my schedule. I noticed he was wearing a coat with fire trucks on it, ok, he likes trucks lets go with that! So, asked him some questions about fire trucks and he was not responsive AT ALL, I even was making cow noises and asking him if that is what a fire truck sounded like hahahaha I'm such a dork....He actually went and hid behind his dad's legs while this was going on haha! 

That wasn't working so I started telling him I had some SUPER COOL cars and that I think I even had a toy fire truck...he started listening then! So I went and got the toys and I started playing with them. I was asking everyone what toy car they thought would win in a race and then proceeded to race the cars towards the kids. And as I guessed they would, they started to play with me and it was like a light switch turned on and Vaughn took off his coat and started playing and smiling!! Sloan was no problem, she was ready to play right away!! Whooot whooot!! 

We then proceeded to continue to 'play' but while taking photos. Jumping, funny faces, snuggles from mom and dad and of course the kids were hung upside down!! And my trick is, right after they jump, kids usually have a huge smile on their face, and 'snap' I take that awesome authentic smile! Oh the tricks I have!! 

They had booked a 'regular studio session' but Sloan kept going and sitting in 'The Cube' and she looked so darn cute that I suggested we do some Cube photo and they were all really excited to once I showed them an example of what the final image looks like! 

So, we took some crazy fun Cube photos too even though they didn't book that type of session because the kids were doing SUCH a good job listening so we had time to do more! 

As they were leaving I said to Andrea and Alex, 'Wow, to be honest, I was a little worried there at the beginning that Vaughn wouldn't warm up to me.' They said 'Us too' lol I then said something along the lines of, I'm so glad I figured out how to get him to want to play with me! They were extremely grateful too!! 

After they left I sat there and was really proud of myself, to tell the truth. I am so darn determined every single photoshoot to get the kids to be comfortable and to have fun. That truly is my number one goal for every session I have, for everyone to have FUN!! Life is short, let's have a good time as much as we can!! Photoshoots should be fun, they ARE fun!! If you make it that way! 

Thanks for reading and don't forget to smash that like button if you want to keep seeing more posts like this! I want to keep doing these videos and longer posts but they take A LOT of work and time so let me know you like them and please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you have to say! 

All the best until next time,  :) LL

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