Coronavirus - Should we still be taking family photos?

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I sent this newsletter out to my clients on March 17th.

*At this time I am 90% booked up until the end of April 2020.

Well, this is quite the time in our history, isn't it! Wow...a LOT going on, to say the least.

I am going to dive right into why I'm writing and give you my honest opinion about if we should continue taking family photos at this time.

But first, please watch this:

I'm trying to be logical about the situation while thinking of our safety first and foremost.

My thought process is breaking down what happens in a photoshoot and what is safe and what should be avoided.

During a photoshoot, we usually shake or hug hello, that's a no go right now. But during a photoshoot, the only time we would get within 1 meter of each other is if I was tickling your child or fixing your hair, other than that we are generally quite far apart. And both of those can be avoided and other measures can be taken to get smiles and fix your hair!

As for locations to have photos taken, I have my studio professionally cleaned on a regular basis and I have been wiping down all surfaces and handles before and after every session. Parks and beaches are not that busy these days and if there ever were a small silver lining to this mess, that might be it. We get the whole place to ourselves!

As for who we have all been around, I know I have not been around anyone who has traveled internationally in the past 4 weeks. And I would trust you to know if you had or hadn't and if you had, you would not risk my safety!

I have been on every photography blog I can find and have been apart of many conversations about this exact topic. And the general consensus (in B.C.) is that if you keep 1 meeter apart which is quite easy to do then why shouldn't we continue to enjoy our life and document our beautiful families and heck, have some fun!

So, in the end, I say this. I am totally comfortable going forward with any sessions that are not in an area where there are more than 50 people (spread out) and if you or I am not showing symptoms. BUT, if you are not comfortable I TOTALLY understand and we can re-book your session to another time, please email me!

Things may change and if they do I will keep you in the loop. This is a serious matter and I do not take it lightly. I hardly slept last night thinking of what to do going forward but I feel confident about my decision!

I have only had one session ask to reschedule for this week but those were for corporate headshots at their office so that made sense to do! So far, all of my other sessions are a-go, some in the studio and a lot for Cherry Blossoms!

**Update as of March 20th, I have had one family session ask to reschedule as well.

Also, feel free to email or text me at any time! I'm here!

Thank you so much, everyone!



PS, please support all the local shops that you can!! Community support is SO key right now!! WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!!

If you are comfortable with having family photos at this time please see my website HERE. for rates and available dates! Or email me with any questions:

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