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Cherry Blossom Photoshoot - What to wear

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

No stress friends, I'm here to make this process as pain-free as possible!

But first, let's get excited!! If you are here reading this then odds are that you have a cherry blossom photoshoot to plan for and that is EXCITING!!

Whether it is with me LL at My City Photos one of Vancouver's leading family photography companies or, with someone else. I want to help!

Step one -


Think about who you are as a family and what kind of photos you are wanting to achieve. Formal, casual or somewhere in the middle?

Step two -


For cherry blossom photos, we know the main color we are going to be working with is pink so we can easily find a beautiful color palette that will work with this stunning spring color!

I suggest choosing one palette then 2-3 main colors from that palette and work with those. Keep it simple and don't overthink it!

Here is my favorite color palette Cherry blossom photos;

*Note that Jean, grey and darker blues work great with this palette as well!

Step three -


It's that easy! You know the location is going to be full of beautiful blossoms, you have your color palette now all you have to do it put the clothing together!

Money-saving tip - see what you have in your closet first that matches the color palette you chose.

Mom tip - start with YOU first! You need to feel amazing and comfortable because the chances are you will be swinging a kid or two from a hip, chasing after one and bending down to wipe a nose of another one lol and the last thing you will be thinking about is if your bra strap is showing!

Overall tip - don't be scared to mix patterns together!

Here are some example images:

**Notice there are solids mixed with patterns, tops are never the same color as each other, neither are the bottoms. Gone are the days of everyone wearing jeans and white tops! Textures, layers and pattern mixing is the way to go these days!

Now, there are a million and one different things you could wear. As I mentioned prior focus on 3-4 colors that suit YOUR family then go from there!

Looking for loads more examples, head to my Pinterest board HERE

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