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Cherry blossom photos - Details and how to prepare!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Cherry blossom season is a favorite time for so many people to get family photos done. But there are some things you need to keep in mind!


It's a little bit different every year but they bloom in very early spring. But to pinpoint a date, not possible.

It's truly different every year as it depends so much on the weather. I remember in 2017 that they were blooming at the end of February (sooo early!!), 2018 mid March and this's looking like they will be here at the end of March or early April. Time will tell!! I do see some very early blossoms coming out now but they take time! Also, different trees bloom at different times so that makes it even trickier!

But I have a few secret weapons to help me know when they are actually blooming (no need for me to drive around searching for them like I used to, yay!!)

One, I have moved into a new house as of Dec 2018 and I'm so lucky to have cherry blossom trees lining the street I live on and a HUGE amazing tree right in front of my house.

My second secret weapon for knowing when cherry blossoms bloom is THIS site.

It's fantastic and very accurate. Not only does it tell you when but also where!!

But don't let this map of cherry blossom locations fool you, just because there is a tre