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A rare find.

Updated: May 10, 2019

I have been taking family photos for 10 years now, I have met a LOT of kids. All of them special and lovely in their own little way, truly.

It is very rare though to find kids with how do I say...have a 'show biz' kinda personality but when I find one...my eyes and creative juices light right up!

I know and can read kids very well and to find a kido with that type of personality I get quite excited. I'm a photographer who loves to direct when the opportunity arises and when I find one of these special 'show biz' kid I guess I will call them lol well, my director hat goes on top of my photographer hat and...the fun begins!

I would like you to meet Chloe, one of my 'show biz kids' lol

This was my second shoot with Chloe, I first met her when she was just a wee babe. But those big beautiful eyes had me sold the first time I met her.

At this second shoot years later I was introduced to her absolutely fun, confident and original personality and she is my new bff what can I say :)

She is FULL of smiles, laughs and personality....every shot was so different and so adorable.

'Make a face like this' I told her (while making the face I wanted her to make)...boom. done.

She took direction soooo well and I couldn't belive how well we worked together!

Now, Chloe didn't come to the studio all by herself. She has a SUPER cool mom and dad and ohhhhh the cutest little brother.

And oh the fun we all had!!

I even took some shots where I asked the kids to make certain expressions hahaha



SERIOUS....so serious lol

I think poor Sebastian was so confused at why this strange lady (me lol) was making such ridiculous faces at him!!


hahahah Sebastian got into this one!!

We honestly just goofed around, it was the BEST time....

I could have hung out with them all day...

I have to shake my head sometimes....THIS is what I do for a living....I forget to remind myself sometimes on how freaking awesome it is.

It's SO much hard work running a business but when I get behind that camera I forget about all of the hard parts and I just do what I do. Take killer fun awesome photos. It has taken a very long time for me to get to this point where I can confidently say I AM really good at what I do. And to be able to say it out loud...not easy as I am extremely hard on myself. Blog for another time ;)

Ok now who is ready for dinner?

Thanks for reading!

:) LL

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