Teachers photo gallery

Here are just a few of the awesome photos we teachers take of our students!


It's so important to know what it's like to be in front of the camera so they can be better behind the camera!


It's also an amazing opportunity for us teachers to have one on one time with each student! 


Some of the photos taken by teachers are included in our packages! 


Students photo gallery

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the photos our students take! 

During the workshop, the kids have an opportunity every day to take photos with the new skills they have developed! 

From creative, portraits, depth of field, and more! 


Why is Photography important to learn? 

One of the core values we teachers both share is the idea that you’ve got to get out there and start feeling and seeing the world; starting with where you live. Let’s face it, many of us, especially youths, lead busy lives, we have friends and family to text. Instagram feeds to scroll through and followers to collect. Tik Tok to keep us laughing and an abundance of applications and games to keep our heads down and our eyes glued to a tiny 6 to 14-inch device. We sometimes forget to look up.

Our challenge to the young people in your life is to start seeing again. Start feeling again. One of our main goals is to inspire your young person to start thinking and SEEING like a photographer. How we do this is to provide the tools and inspiration to show them how to CAPTURE what they are seeing in the world; or, HOW they see the world; and ultimately, SHARE it with the world through photography. The key words for us being - YOUR WORLD. YOUR VOICE.

Photography workshops

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