Diary of a family photographer during Covid-19

Hey there, thanks for coming by! My name is Laura-Lee Gerwing and I have been a full-time family photographer since 2009 in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. You can read more about me HERE!


I'm here to share my journey during this crazy-ass time in our history. All of it, the good, the sad and the what the F should I do rollercoaster that is now my life and the life of so many others. 

I have been feeling alone and unsure and I have no doubt that I am not the only one feeling that way. So today, March 20th 2020 I have decided to start sharing my journey with you. 

Nothing but love and kindness coming from here friends! 

If you ever need to talk or have a question please don't hesitate to get in touch: info@mycityphotos.ca 

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Are you thinking of having a photshoot? 

Read my Newsletter I sent to my clients March 17th 

***UPDATE*** As of March 24th I have decided to postpone all sessions until further notice. It is the right thing to do! 


March 20th 2020 

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March 20th 2020 - In Studio

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March 20th 2020 - On Location

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March 24th 

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Tips on how to keep busy as a photographer

**Please note, these are not sponsored or affiliates I just really like these and want to share!


Photographers, join The Front Steps Project! 

Originator @carasoulia #thefrontstepsproject @thefrontstepsproject

Her website

See my info HERE

Check out Jessica Kobeissi on YouTube:

See her channel HERE she is a super talented, funny and a great photographer to watch!


Check out Cole's classroom:

He always has lots of great photography tips, check out his YouTube channel HERE!


Take a photography class, here is one I just took:

Sandra Coan - How to Create a Natural Light Look Without Using Natural Light (and Boost Your Business in the Process!) See info HERE 

Educate yourself on marketing for when 'the dust has settled':

 Here is a podcast that is soooo good and I do almost everything she says haha

*I highly suggest starting from the beginning! Find her on Spotify, HERE is the link to her first episode.

*She is on all other podcast platforms too! 

As I said, the dust WILL settle eventually. Take this time to be productive, and don't forget...don't ever, EVER give up on your dreams! Shit goes sideways, it's how you deal with it that counts! 

I'll be back with more soon!


Stay well, 


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