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I'm so excited for you!

Nerves, excitement, uncertainty I know you must be feeling it all.


But have no fear, you are in the best hands - I got you! 


Step one

Now that you have booked your session (Whoot Whoot!) I suggest starting with deciding what to wear! What is YOUR vibe? Cozy sweater that drapes over your shoulder, sexy undies with a silk robe, jeans, and a white tank top, black lingerie or just your birthday suit? 

What makes YOU feel sexy? Do that! 

If you have specific insecurities (mine is my thighs) then what type of clothing minimizes that area? For my thighs, I would wear a robe so it can be used to slightly cover my thighs to then minimize them! 

Step two

 It's time for self-care! In the days leading up to your session, be extra kind to yourself. Pump yourself up, listen to your favorite music, eat well, sleep as well as you can, drink enough water, say nice things to yourself, and avoid putting yourself down! 


Step three

The day before your session - pack everything you need - check it twice!


On the day of the session, keep that self-care going! Leave with enough time so you are not rushing. Listen to your favorite music on the way and be sure to eat something!! 

PS, getting through my studio door is the hardest part, once you are here - I got you! 


116 W 43rd Ave Vancouver

*It's in my home

*Free street parking

Things to take note of

This info will help you, the stylist, and me! Go team! 

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Please wear loose clothing to the studio that will not leave marks on your body. You can change after hair and makeup is done.

Untitled design.png


If you wear foundation etc. please have your 'face base' on before you come to the studio. Lily your stylist will do any touchups if needed. 

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Be sure to eat it will help with nervs and your energy. Avoid foods that bloat you.

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Be sure to mosturize before you come to the studio!

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Don't over drink water but do drink it! 

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I will have you in poses or moving in ways your body might not be used to haha. Be sure to stretch as much as you can leading up to your session! 

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