I'm Laura-Lee!

 A little about me - I built my photography business through trial and error. I have zero professional training but through dedication and determination, I have built my business into what it is today!

And I am so dang proud to be one of Vancouver's leading Family Photographers!

You can expect your experience with me to be like hanging out with a friend. One that likes to direct, be super picky about details, be creative, laugh, and make a fool of herself in any way needed to make your kids smile. 

Since becoming a full-time photographer in 2010 I have naturally created a bit of a hybrid mishmash style of my own that sets me apart from others. Check out my gallery and be sure to visit me on Instagram and Facebook for the latest!

Oh hello,

As of 2021, I am now teaching photography classes for kids!

When I was a kid I had a natural draw to the arts. I'm a creative spirit through and through. I loved every creative outlet I could get my hands on from making jewelry, knitting, drawing, painting, etc.

I started taking photos with an old film camera my mom gave me when I was around 10 years old and instantly loved it! At that time there were no photography classes available for my age and the internet was not around at that time to help me learn and develop my skills.

As I got older I still loved photography but it was never a thought to make a career out of it as it was so uncommon, not like today. It wasn't until I was 30 that I finally said to myself 'hey, I can do this full time!' So I did. I quit all of my day jobs and focused on photography and here I am 11 years later, one of Vancouver's leading Family Photographers. Fully self-taught.

Looking back if I would have had classes when I was younger, had other resources available, or if my parents had ways to support this natural talent that I had, who knows what would have happened.

BUT, I love my journey and my story and wouldn't change a thing!


Because of how it all played out I have come to this point in my life where I have this insatiable drive to teach kids who were like me when I was young. I want to give them what I didn't have, an opportunity to learn, grow and create with guidance from a professional! 

If you would like some reassurance on how I am with kids, be sure to scroll down on the page to see my reviews!

Start your experience with me! 

1. Plan ahead

Prime dates and times are usually booked far in advance (especially weekends). Plan ahead to ensure you get your chosen date and time!

2. Choose a package

When choosing a package, decide if you would like a studio or location session. Once you have decided, you can check out all of my options! From simple and modern studio photos to themed sessions and more!

3. Book online

Once you have chosen your package, you will be able to see all of my availability online and use my easy booking system to book yourself in for what days and times work for your family!

4. Phone consultation

Once you have booked, I suggest a phone consultation, so we can chat about all of the details. From what to wear, location, look, feel and more!


LL is beyond amazing. She completely understands what we want and need and cares about the results in our memories by capturing them into timeless photos. She can get any kid and adult to smile (even the shyest ones)!

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Looking for tips on what to wear or how to prepare for your session? 

Studio Location

NEW As of 2021

*By appointment only*

1721 Grant St.

Vancouver BC

V5L 2A2

t   604-828-6313


Session Schedule

Studio + on location

Wednesday -Friday-Saturday




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